The St. Demetrios church at the Glyfada Golf Course

The chapel of St. Demetrios is located in the centre of the Glyfada Golf Course, in a green setting .
The chapel belongs to the Church of Saints Constantine and Helen, which is the Cathedral of Glyfada.
Every year on October 26, the chapel of St Demetrios is open to the faithful. It is the day of celebration, dedicated to the memory of the saint , known also as St Martyr Demetrios, the myrrh bearer. Hundreds of people visit the sacred temple , situated on the premises of the golf course, on the eve of the celebration , to attend
the Great Vespers and the service of Artoklassia ( blessings upon five loaves of consecrated bread, wine and oil) and follow the procession of the Icon of the Saint. The Holy Service takes place on the day of the celebration.
Wedding and baptism sacraments take place at the courtyard of the church.
Those who wish to have the sacraments of wedding or baptism performed in the chapel , should address an inquiry first to the offices of the Cathedral ( tel. number 2108943405) and afterwards to the offices of the Glyfada Golf course.
They should be aware that, for reasons of safety, religious ceremonies are only held beginning at 19:00 p.m., when all athletic events on the golf course have finished.


The church was founded on 17 August 1952. The erection and construction of the church was taken over by the Greek army , as this vast area was once a camp site. The contribution of Lieutenant-Colonel, Alex Economou as well as the contribution and the assistance of the officers and the soldiers of the Training centre, to the building of the church, were noteworthy. Brigadier Constantine Bisyllas and General Ioannis Manoussos, also made generous donations .
Other eminent personalities of the era who donated funds towards the construction, include:
Alkibiades Tatakis, SA Peiraiki Patraiki, Gregory D. Papastratis, Spyridon N.Karnezis, George and Angeliki Dianiolou-Tataki, Sophia E. .Spatha, Jimmy Al.Tsiris, Konstantinos Karamanlis ( President of the Greek Republic), Sotiris N.Roussos and Dimitrios I.Sklavenitis.